Ethos Lift Anti Aging Serum $34.98 Shipped from 1SaleADay ($100 on Amazon!)

Anti-Aging Serum

1SaleADay is offering a 1-ounce bottle of Ethos Skin Care Lift Anti-Aging Serum for $29.99 with $4.99 shipping. This product is supposed to result in a 50-90% reduction in the visible appearance of fine lines This one is selling for $100.00 with Free shipping over on Amazon, where it received 5/5 stars from 4 customers. From the product review:

“A clinically-proven solution to fight the effects of aging! Contains Argireline, the safe and effective alternative to Botox, proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles instantly. Also contains Gatuline Expression to reduce crow’s feet and fine lines, Pepha-Tight to instantly tighten the skin, and Trylagen to promote collagen synthesis for firmer, younger-looking skin. This is a highly effective alternative to Botox® or cosmetic surgery, without toxins, needles, or expensive visits to the doctor’s office. It contains numerous active compounds that will heal, lift, and rejuvenate your skin the moment you apply it.”

There are also no side effects, toxins, or health risks.

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