Try Zantac Free Mail in Rebate: Up to $6.00 Money Maker with Coupons!


You can now download and print the Try me Free Mail in Rebate for Zantac, courtesy of Passion for Savings, who has the form available.

This freebate offer validity varies by retailer. Purchases made at the following retailers will be honored towards the Freebate offer only if the purchase is made within the dates listed:

Meijer: 3/23/2014 – 4/2/2014
Jewell/Shaws/ACME: 3/19/2014 – 3/25/2014
Albertsons: 3/26/2014 – 4/1/2014
All other retailers: 3/23/2014 – 3/31/2014

Next week at Walgreens and CVS, Zantac will be on sale for $8.99. So here are the deals:

The price at Meijer and Jewel is unknown, but the deal should also be a $4.00 money maker over there. If you’ve got Happy Cash to use at Walgreens, this product will help you get up to the $30.00 purchase required :-)

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2 Responses to “Try Zantac Free Mail in Rebate: Up to $6.00 Money Maker with Coupons!”

  1. monkey says:

    how is it $6 money maker at walgreens?

  2. monkey says:

    oh i get it, you mean the store coupn is -$2?

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