Ibotta: What to Do When Your Credit Doesn’t Work


Yesterday I bought three items with Ibotta offers: two boxes of Kellogg’s Waffles and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies treats. I scanned the products  in-store to make sure they matched to offers, then uploaded my receipt and waited for my refund after I returned home. This time, I receievd an error message that my credit couldn’t be processed. So I went through all the steps again, took another picture of the receipt, but again my credit could not be processed. When I went to look at Ibotta’s copy of my receipt, all I saw was a black screen.

This morning I purchased a 12pk of Sprite Zero cans at CVS, another product for which there was an 0.75 offer from Ibotta. But when I got the Sprite home and scanned the UPC code, Ibotta said the product did not match the offer!

I emailed Ibotta and asked for assistance, and learned that all I needed to do was to power down my phone and then try again. Sure enough, the $3.00 for the Meijer trip was added to my account and the Sprite Zero UPC was again a match to the offer. I also received two new offers for $1 back on select varieties of Kellogg’s Waffles (my kids are loving this app!).

I hope this is helpful for any of you that might experience difficulties in getting your credit from Ibotta. It may not be as simple as powering down your phone, but the folks over at Ibotta are available (even on a Sunday!) to help you solve whatever problems you are having so that you can earn your credit.

Not an Ibotta user yet? It’s a fun and simple way to save even more at the store. Read this post for more information on how to use the app. Sign up for Ibotta with this link and earn a Free $5 when you redeem your first offer. Share your own link with friends, and earn $1 when they sign up from your link. Full disclosure: this post includes my personal Ibotta link: you will get $5 and I will earn $1 if you sign up under me :-)

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  1. Resh says

    Hi Christy,

    I had an issue redeeming multiple items on the same receipt. I had bought a box of townhouse and a box of Club crackers in one transaction. They successfully sent me the money for the townhouse but then when I put in the request for Club, I got a message saying that according to their policy a receipt can only be submitted once… So does that mean I cannot use 1 receipt for multiple item? I don’t know how to approach this issue.

  2. says

    Thanks for the advice! I love Ibotta, but there is definitely a learning curve. Today I bought some clearance pop-tarts at Kroger only to learn it can’t scan Krogers clearance tags. However the extra deals we have been getting are well worth it.

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