$6 Money Maker on phase + Diabetic and Ultimate Flora Products at Walgreens Jan 2013

Product Details

There are several Free after mail-in-rebate products available at Walgreens this month! Here’s what is listed in the back of the Walgreens January coupon booklet:

  • Renew Life Ultimate Flora Daily Probiotic Plus Fiber, $20 MIR
  • FlexAid Joint Formula 90 ct, $20 MIR
  • Phase + for Diabetics Foot Therapy, 6 oz, $14.99 MIR
  • Phase + foor Diabetics Exfoliating Wash, 8 oz, $7.99

The limit for each of these mail in rebates is one per household (unless you live in Rhode Island, then you get two, why, I have no idea!). There is also a $2/1 phase + Product Printable coupon and a $2/1 Ultimate Flora Printable coupon available!

I Heart Wags is reporting that the price of these items is the same as the rebate amount, so use those printable coupons to come out ahead!

Note: you will also have to pay sales tax!

The forms for the rebate can be found in the back of the Walgreens January coupon booklet, which is found in most stores at the front of the store. You can also submit for your rebate online at www.walgreensrebates.com, and you can request your refund in the form of a Walgreens rebate card (store credit) to earn a 10% bonus!

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  1. Resh says

    Hi Christy,

    I have a few RR to use up at Walgreens. Do you know if I can use RR with this deal and still get the full value of it on a Walgreens rebate card? Thank you, very much, for all your help

    • says

      Resh, Yes, you can use the RR at Walgreens and get the full value on the rebate items. Just remember that the number of items in your cart has to equal or exceed the number of coupons you use, and the RR count as a coupon. So if you are buying one item with a coupon, you will have to have something else in your cart to use the RR. Look for something inexpensive like a pencil or caramel :-)

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