Upcoming Jewel ConAgra Deal for 5/10/2012 (As low as 0.45 each!)


Here’s the information on an upcoming Jewel deal, brought to you by Rachel from Mashup Mom! My local Centrella store is Wisted’s, so we’ll have to see if they coupon is in their ad, as well! Update: I stopped into Wisted’s to pick up an ad – the coupon is included.

Here’s a Jewel/Centrella stores ConAgra mashup for you!

  1. In the 5/10 Jewel ad starting this Thursday, there is a buy 10 save $5 instantly sale that includes some ConAgra products.
  2. In many 5/9-5/10 Centrella store ads this week, including Mr. Z’s, Country Squire, Walt’s, and Strack & Van Til, there is a save $3.00/10 participating ConAgra products manufacturer coupon.
  3. This coupon says “redeem at participating Centrella stores.” However, Jewel takes all manufacturer coupons, even if they include that wording.
  4. Mash this up and what do you get? Cheap ConAgra products, when you buy them at Jewel and use the manufacturer coupon out of other stores’ ads!

Products included both on the coupon and in the Jewel ad.

Prices shown here are AFTER instant savings when you buy 10 at Jewel. Use the coupon to get another $3.00 off your total. You’ll need to buy 10 participating mix/match ConAgra products to both get the sale price and use the coupon.

  • Hunt’s snack pack pudding, $.75.
  • Gulden’s 12 oz mustard, $.75.
  • Hunt’s 24 oz ketchup, $.75.
  • Van Camp’s pork & beans, $.75.
  • Pam, $1.99.

So, if you buy 10 of the $.75 items for $7.50 and use the $3.00/10 coupon, you’ll get 10 for $4.50, or $.45 each. Pam ends up $1.69 after coupon when you mix/match ten participating items.

Thanks to hsmomof6 on CW for some of the store info! If you also have the $3/10 coupon in your local store’s ad, let me know and I’ll ad it to the list above.

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