Meijer mPerks Issues – What to say to customer service

So I have been thinking about the mPerks issues over at Meijer. What’s been going on is that the full amount of a manufacturer’s coupon is not being deducted from an order when an mPerks eCoupon is used. The argument I’ve been given over at customer service is that the machine is adjusting the coupon down because I’m not paying the full price on the item.

Here’s my issue with that. Coupons are like cash. When I redeem a coupon good for $2/16 jars of Beech Nut baby food, Meijer will turn around and submit the coupon to a coupon clearinghouse, who will pay the store the full $2 face value of the coupon. What happens when my order is only reduced by $1.38 but Meijer still receives the full $2.00 on that coupon? Meijer makes a profit of 0.62 on that coupon.

So what about the argument that I am not paying the full amount for the product? The mPerks offers are given by Meijer unconditionally. Nowhere does Meijer stipulate that the mPerks offers are only valid if you pay for your purchase with cash. Nowhere does it say that the value will be reduced if you use a manufacturer’s coupon. If indeed that is the case, that Meijer intends to reduce your discount because you use a manufacturer’s coupon when paying for an item, it should say so clearly on the mPerks page. Otherwise, it is (in my opinion), false advertising.

The wording on the mPerks coupons offered by Meijer is this, “No Cash Back. Not to be combined with any other Meijer Discount Coupons. Cannot double or triple coupon. Limit one coupon per transaction. This offer can only be used once.” Nowhere does it say that mPerks cannot be used with manufactuer coupons. In fact, on their own Meijer Coupon Policy page, it states, “Only one manufacturer coupon and one Meijer coupon for the same item will be accepted, unless prohibited,” and, “Mealbox and mPerks coupons are considered Meijer coupons.”

I plan on calling Meijer corporate tomorrow to discuss this matter. In the meantime, if you run into this problem¬†and the cashier or customer service agent will not adjust your total, you can try using the arguments I’ve presented in this post.

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  1. VB says

    I only started couponing in April and I heard that there was a similar issue at Target, I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Rachel @ was on a segment on the news. Maybe that can be mentioned when u call. Or maybe that we will start to email the companies for the products that we are having issues on redeeming the cpns.

  2. Shanna Zalud says

    BTW, before I even entered in my MPerks, it lowered the price of my coupon. The cashier and I tried entering the coupon in both ways, before I entered in my Mperks and after. Both times it lowered my coupon amount (she readjusted it for me, thank goodness!!). : )

  3. rebecca says

    well said, i had the same issue when i bought the soup at hand but i didnt have the time to stand in line at customer service to get the difference back. shame on meijer!

  4. Nikki says

    I shop at the Meijer in McHenry and use mperks all the time. I have never had this problem. My coupons are always for the full amount.

  5. crystal says

    Is this happening only when the item being purchased will be free after coupons? Or when you are actually paying an amount for them. I have noticed several annoying policies at meijer lately. If you have a ONYO and you have to return something on that receipt they deduct a portion of your onyo coupon amount from anything on that receipt – even if the item being returned is $1 out of a total of $50 paid… doesn’t matter they deduct. I will have to watch this more closely.

    • says

      Crystal, this is happening even when we are paying for an item after coupons. It happened to me three times on one transaction the other day, and is definately something to keep an eye on.

  6. Mary says

    I went to the Orland Park Meijer today to do the baby food deal and my $2 manufacturers coupon was adjusted downward to $1.50 when I stacked it with the $2 mPerks coupon. The CS person gave several reasons/excuses for why this happened but none of them seemed right to me. One of the 3 reasons she gave was what Christy mentioned — that the coupon was adjusted because I was already getting a discount since the item was on sale. I’ve never heard of such a thing! Another reason she gave is that Meijer is trying to prevent coupon stacking — I think that’s the real reason for what’s going on. I didn’t want to cause a big scene over 50 cents, so I stopped arguing about it because CS would not budge. But I’m definitely posting a note on their Facebook page. Has this been happening for a while, or is this a recent change?

    • says

      Mary, I have had problems before when trying to use a coupon for a Free item in conjunction with a Meijer $/$$ coupon, but the mPerks issues are new.

  7. BK says

    I think this happened to me when stacking Mealbox coupons with a MQ — I used the B2G1 free Nabisco coupon several times and the discount taken for the free item was not correct. I couldn’t figure out why it discounted incorrectly, so never went to CS. I don’t use mPerks, so no experience with that.

    Looking forward to what you find out from corporate. I like shopping at the McHenry Meijer. If they start playing games with the discounts/coupons, I might have to check out the new Super Walmart in Johnsburg instead.

    • says

      BK, I’ve had issues redeeming coupons for Free items at Meijer, too. I’ve ended up paying for something that was supposed to be Free. The issue with mPerks seems to be new and hopefully we can get it resolved!

  8. says

    i’ve had the same issue when buying beachnut baby food at meijer, with just a mnfr coupon and no mperks offer for the items. I went to customer service and they adjusted the value for me and gave me the difference. I was surprised though since my meijer tends to be pretty unbending. Will have to watch out. thanks.


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