Printing Coupons from an iPhone or iPad — Success!


Reader Aimee emailed to let me know she was having troubles with her iPad, and was looking into purchasing a printer. I did some sleuthing and learned that while you cannot print directly from the iPad, there are several apps available that will let you print. Three to look into are HP iPrint Photo (what I use), Easy Photo Print for iPhone, or ePrint. The first two are FREE and the last one is $2.99. There’s a great article about this issue at PCMag on line.

Safari (the browser used by the iPhone and iPad) cannot print coupons directly, but lucky for us has it’s own app, and it’s FREE. Just head to the iTunes store and do a search on The app should come up, and there’s currently just one version for the iPhone. Never fear, it will enable coupon printing from both your iPhone and your iPad.

Isn’t technology fun?

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  1. sandi says

    I downloaded the app on my iPhone, but it won’t seem to pick up our network printer, which is an Epson Workforce 40. Any suggestions?

    • says

      It sounds like it might be a driver issue. This is a good question for either Apple or Epson. You can also try googling “ipad Epson 40 printer” and see if you can find a discussion on it anywhere on the internet. Best of luck!

  2. mandy says

    i have same problem as sandi. i have an epson printer rather than HP. I have not yet found a way to print coupons from the iphone to the epson. Anyone had any success?

  3. says

    I would love to be able to print coupons from my iPad. I would love to print coupons from my Mac as well–still can’t figure a way to print Target coupons. :( I have an old PC that is very slow but, because it is XP, prints just fine.

  4. Jessica says

    I have a iPad and a epson printer I brought just for couponing and I have downloaded the coupon app on my iPad and I have found my printer and everything it says printing… But then don’t print.. It’s really upsetting I spent so much money and it won’t work… Please help.

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